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Mold manufacturing,Precision machining

Optical Disc Molds Precision Mold Precise ManufacturingTechnology

Optical Disc Molds

BD Mold
The BD mold has been launched to market in 2008.
The quality has been improved from our accumulated know-how of DVD mold.
It performs top class fast cycle time, not only with single layer disc but also with dual layer disc.

DVD Mold
Put on the market in 2002 with accumulated know-hows on DVD mold since the beginning of its sale.
Shortened cycle time and improvement in disc quality are achieved at the same time.
In addition, the maintenance cycle is also improved.

CD Mold
Best-seller mold with a sales record of more than 2000 sets since its sale in 1996.
It is now a most popular CD-R mold in the world.

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Precision Mold

The injection mold for optical disc requires nano-scale accuracy in its mirror surface manufacturing technology. Seikoh Giken has extensive knowledge and experience as well as the state of art machines for precision mold brings customers' great satisfactory and confidence in us. As a result of that we have top share of the injection mold in optical disc industry.

Seikoh Giken is possible to manufacture the molds consistently in house. (i.e. raw-metal material machining, hardening, grinding and assembling into the mold.) It is possible for us to make not only optical disc molds but also variety of precision molds. Manufacturing the precision molds, as well as machining the mold parts could be done according to the drawings provided by customer. We are also able to design the molds from customers' image.
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Precise Manufacturing Technology

Seikoh Giken has capability of precise machining, grinding and mirror polishing /lapping for variety of metal materials by having various state of art machines and inspection equipments. We are equipped not only with one of the best Coordination Measuring Machines in world at temperature controlled (±0.5 Celsius degree) inspection room, but also various special measurement machines in order to bring the solution for customers requirement in measuring.

Ultra accuracy Coordination Measuring Machines Inspection Procedure

Practical accomplishment

Example, machining and manufacturing
• Plastic injection molds
• Mobile phone parts molds
• Powder metallurgy molds
• Mirror finished polishing on variety of parts
• High precision jig for measurement tool and machine tool
• Polishing back side of nickel stamper         and others

Example, material
• Variety of metal steel
• Tungsten carbide
• Ceramic
• Single crystalline silicon carbide (SiC)        and others

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Mold manufacturing, Precision machining
Optical Disc Molds
Precision Mold
Precise Manufacturing Technology
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