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Notice Concerning Stepped Ferrule Patents

Stepped ferrules are ferrules conceptualized for polishing slanted and spherical surfaces. Their end surfaces are processed into a step-shape which permits a significant reduction in polishing time and an equally significant reduction in axis deviation when polishing slanted or spherical surfaces. As is shown below, for these stepped ferrules, we have acquired patent rights and registered design right in countries around the world.

As for the indicated registrations in Japan, it should be noted that unless a license agreement has been concluded with Seikoh Giken, the manufacture and marketing of products stated in the patent or design right registration constitutes an infringement of the patent and design right registration of Seikoh Giken. This applies also to the purchasing of identical products manufactured by a third party without a license agreement concluded with Seikoh Giken and the manufacture and marketing of secondary derivatives of the products.


  • Japan: No. 3110228; No. 3090893
  • America: No. 5140660

Design right registrations

  • Japan: No. 892191; No. 899983
  • United Kingdom: No. 2015694; No. 2015695
  • Italy: No. 61499; No. 61500
  • Germany: No. M9104285.2
  • France: No. 913779; No. 913780
  • Hong Kong: No. 0001153.4; No. 0001152.2
  • Australia: No. 113230; No. 113231

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