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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Code of Conduct for Our Supply Chain

  1. Objectives and content of policy
    The Seikoh Giken Group, which is formed around business activities involving business partners in countries and regions around the world, must also promote CSR initiatives in our supply chain.
    Together with our suppliers, the Seikoh Giken Group will promote CSR activities by requesting that suppliers endorse and implement the following measures to conduct business appropriately, respect the human rights of all stakeholders involved in their businesses, ensure that appropriate labor practices are utilized, and protect the global environment.
    1. Respect for human rights
       In accordance with laws and regulations, we will not engage in harsh, inhumane conduct such as abuse, corporal punishment, or harassment of any kind with regard to any person associated with us, and will treat them fairly, with respect for their dignity and human rights.
    2. Prohibition of forced labor
       We prohibit human trafficking, as well as coercion or complicity in labor that is against the will of the employee, and guarantee that all labor is voluntary and that all employees have the right to leave their jobs at will.
    3. Prohibition of child labor and consideration of young workers
       To protect the sound physical and mental growth of minors as well as their right to receive compulsory education, we will not engage in work: children under the age of 15, those under the minimum age of employment in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of each country, or those who have not reached the age for completing compulsory education. We will not engage workers under the age of 18 in work that may impair their growth or health or expose them to danger, including night work or overtime work.
    4. Prohibition of discrimination
       In all areas of employment, we will eliminate discrimination based on factors such as gender, age, nationality, race, skin color, ethnicity, language, religion, creed, social origins, wealth, sexual orientation, gender identity, health, disability, or political views, and shall offer equal opportunities and fair treatment in the workplace.
    5. Work hours
       In accordance with laws and regulations, we will manage employees' work hours (including overtime work), days off, and vacations appropriately, and will endeavor to reduce excessively long work hours.
    6. Prevention of inappropriately low wages
       We will not reduce wages improperly. The minimum wages that we pay will be in accordance with the labor laws and regulations of each country, and we shall endeavor to pay more than a living wage.
    7. Ensuring an appropriate work environment
       In accordance with laws and regulations, we will prevent unforeseen accidents and disasters by maintaining and improving work safety and hygienic, healthy work environments for all employees and others engaged in work.
       Additionally, in order to prevent work hazards such as accidents and unethical behavior, we will conduct appropriate employee training and education, as well as correction as necessary.
       We will provide employees with opportunities and systems to express their concerns regarding the company, and shall address these concerns sincerely.
    8. Consideration for the global environment
       We will comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region and recognize the importance of protecting the environment, and give consideration to the environmental impact of the various aspects of our business activities, such as preserving ecosystems and biodiversity, recycling resources, and reducing emissions of wastewater, greenhouse gases, and waste.
       Additionally, we will work to prevent environmental pollution, and will operate environmental management systems to ensure people's health and safety.
    9. Strict management of chemical substances contained in products
       We will comply with the relevant laws and regulations of each country, and operate systems to manage the chemical substances contained in products and ensure that chemical substances designated as prohibited are not included in them, while providing the appropriate labeling and reporting of contained substances as required.
    10. Fair business practices
       We will conduct business in compliance with social norms and laws and regulations applicable in the countries and regions where we operate, while prohibiting bribery and corrupt acts, and will prevent improprieties and violations of laws by our company and its employees.
       We will not engage in or be complicit in any unethical conduct. Moreover, we will strictly prevent corrupt acts and will not associate with antisocial forces.
       We will endeavor to always conduct business in a fair and honest manner, and will not engage in acts that impede fair competition or disadvantage business partners.
    11. Information security
       We will take measures required to protect information from network-based threats arising from computer viruses, etc., manage it in such a manner that prevents damage to our company or other companies, and manage and store personal information belonging to customers, third parties, and employees, as well as technical and other confidential information, in an appropriate manner.
    12. Respect for intellectual property
       When developing, producing, selling, or providing products and services, we will conduct sufficient investigation into the intellectual property of third parties in advance, and will not infringe on said intellectual property or use it without authorization.
    13. Quality and safety
       In order to allow our customer to use our products with peace of mind, we will produce products that meet the safety standards defined by relevant laws and regulations and satisfy quality standards agreed upon with the recipients.
       Additionally, we will operate quality management systems to provide the production control and quality control that this requires.
       We will also work on business continuity plans to ensure rapid recovery of core businesses when unexpected events occur, in order to offer a stable supply of products.
    14. Disclosure of information
       On receiving a request for disclosure of information related to the above, we will do so in a timely and appropriate manner, acting with integrity and transparency.
  2. Regular checks and audits
     To acquire an understanding of the implementation status of this policy, we will conduct regular investigations of suppliers, which will include communications with them. Additionally, we will visit suppliers to check the status of their businesses as deemed necessary based on the area in which they are operating and the nature of their business.
  3. Response to compliance violations
     When incidents of violations of these guidelines are confirmed, we will request that the relevant supplier takes prompt corrective action, and offer instruction and support to the supplier if necessary.
     If no appropriate corrective actions are taken even after ongoing corrective instruction and support is provided, or if corrective action is determined to be problematic, we will review business with this supplier.
  4. April 1, 2023

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