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Privacy Policy

SEIKOH GIKEN Co., Ltd. (Handler of personal information)

SEIKOH GIKEN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "the Company") recognizes that we have an important responsibility to society to protect personal information, and will take the following steps to ensure that personal information is suitably protected.

Privacy Policy

  1. Management of personal information
    The Company shall, in addition to appointing a company-wide personal information protection manager, take steps to educate employees and engage in the appropriate management of personal information.
  2. Collection of personal information
    The Company will collect personal information through fair and legitimate means.
  3. Use of personal information
    The Company shall only use personal information to the extent required in order to achieve our purpose of use, and shall not use personal information for any purposes beyond this purpose.
  4. Restrictions on third-party use
    The Company will not provide or disclose personal information to a third party, except with the permission of the individual concerned, when the Company outsources the handling of or shares personal information to the extent required in order to achieve our purpose of use, or in the case of any other legitimate circumstances.
  5. Security measures
    The Company shall employ reasonable security measures in order to prevent unauthorized access to, or loss, falsification or leaks of personal information. The Company shall also provide appropriate supervision over employees and contractors that handle personal information.
  6. Disclosure of personal information
    The Company hereby confirms that the individual shall have the right to request that their personal information be disclosed, amended, deleted, or suspended from use, etc. The individual should lodge any such requests with the Company's customer service contact and the Company will comply with such requests promptly and appropriately.
  7. Observance of laws and ongoing improvements
    The Company will comply with laws concerning the protection of personal information and any other related regulations, and shall appropriately revise and update this Privacy Policy in light of developments in information technology and changes in the social environment, and will endeavor to make ongoing improvements and enhancements to the protection of personal information.

Please direct any inquiries relating to our Privacy Policy to "Other contact".

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