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1972 SEIKOH GIKEN was established by CEO M.Takahashi in 1972 for the engineering and fabrication of molds for precision sintered mechanical components used in automobile engines and transmissions.
1974 Head office/ factory moved to Kamagaya City, Chiba, Japan.
1980 Built Head office / factory at 286-23, Matsuhidai, Matsudo City, Chiba, Japan.
1981 Started R&D of molds for high density MO Discs.
1986 Started R&D of optical devices for the optical fiber communication industry.
1987 Started production of fiber polishing ma-chines (SFP 500) for forming spherical convexes on optical fiber endfaces. (US Patent.4,831,784)
1992 Built the second factory at 296-1, Matsuhidai.
Acquired US Patent for the Stepped-Ferrules for the APC Connectors. (US Patent. 5,140,660)
1995 Fiber Optic Products Division obtained ISO9001 Certification.
1997 The Stepped-Ferrule was registered as IEC Standard. (IEC 60874-14-6)
Started R&D of various types of optical switches for DWDM systems and others.
1999 Started production of wedged optical fibers for connecting pump LDs.
2000 Bought extra land at 415-2,Matsuhidai. IPO at JASDAQ.
Established SEIKOH GIKEN USA, INC. in Norcross, GA U.S.A.
2001 Established SEIKOH GIKEN HANGZHOU CO., Ltd. in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.
Built the 4th factory (now the 3rd Factory) at 415-2, Matsuhidai.
Started production of fiber polishing machines (SFP-550S, SFP-550E) for forming spherical convexes on optical fiber endfaces.
Built the 3rd factory (now the Head Office Factory) at 296-1, Matsuhidai.
The goodwill about a part sales and a maintenance of the optical disk mold has taken over from overseas subsidiaries of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Established SEIKOH GIKEN Co.,Ltd. TAIWAN BRANCH in Hsinchu,Taiwan.
2002 Established SEIKOH GIKEN EUROPE GMBH in Dusseldorf, Germany.
2003 Launch the sale of "Ferrule Mate" which is the Cleaner for ferrule end-face inside an optical adaptor.
2004 The location of the head office is changed into 296-1, Matsuhidai, Matsudo-Shi, Chiba.
2005 Acquired the certification of international standard ISO14001 of environmental management system.
The goodwill about the optical fiber product has taken over from Seiko Instruments Inc. and overseas subsidiaries of Seiko Instruments Inc.
2006 Transferred to SEIKOH GIKEN DALIAN Co., Ltd. from Seiko Instruments Inc. and added in it as consolidated subsidiary.
Acquired the certification of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and BS7799.
The goodwill about the optical device business has taken over from NEC TOKIN Corporation.
Established SEIKOH GIKEN HONG KONG Co., Ltd in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the Peoplefs Republic of China.
2007 Mold Products Division obtained ISO 9001 certification of quality management system.
Obtained the ISO/IEC27001 certification of information security management system.
Relocated SEIKOH GIKEN EUROPE GmbH Head Quarters from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt.
2010 Start of volume production of high-heat resistant lenses for cameras integrated into mobile phones.
Closure of Seikoh Giken Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
Development of desk-top cleaner "Ferrule Pro" for the efficient cleansing of the end surfaces of optical fiber cable connectors.
2011 Divestiture of No. 1 plant (Matsudo city, Chiba prefecture).
Development of high precision mold technologies such as low mold temperature molding technology, thin wall molding technology, and micro transfer technology.
2012 Acquisition of 49% of the share capital of DATA-PIXEL SAS, a France based manufacturer of measurement and inspection equipment for the end surfaces of optical components.
2013 Acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Fuji Electronics Industries Co., Ltd., and integration as a consolidated subsidiary.
2017 Acquisition the additional share of DATA-PIXEL SAS,DATA-PIXEL SAS to become a consolidated subsidiary company.
2018 Seikoh Giken Hangzhou Co., Ltd., established the joint venture company "Zhejiang Seikoh OFC Co., Ltd." together with an investment company in China.
2019 The Company, Mie University, and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology worked in collaboration to develop an optical field sensor that accurately measures the radio waves transmitted by 5G base antennas.
2020 Sales of Intelli-Cross Pro optical connectors that allow efficient connection in narrow spaces have begun.
2021 We utilized RoF (Radio over Fiber) technology to develop a GNSS optical transmission unit to extend GPS signals.
Began mass production of resin medical microfluidic devices that leverage precision mold technology, featuring microfluidic channels on the surface.
Seikoh Giken Hangzhou Co., Ltd., established the joint venture company "Hangzhou Giken Photonics Co., Ltd." together with a Chinese company.
2022 In accordance with the revisions to the market classification of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we reclassified to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard market.
2023 Business collaboration between our local 5G-related business and the 7 th Generation in automation & antenna measurements company.
Jointly developed Japan’s first in-die painting technology for small parts with TOKAI RIKA CO., LTD.
Established SEIKOH GIKEN (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. in Pathumthani Province, Thailand.
The 4th Factory (415-2 Matsuhidai, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan) name changed to the 3rd Factory.
Fuji Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. makes capital investment in Indian auto parts manufacturer RADIANT POLYMERS Private Limited.

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