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2015 fiscal year


OPIE'15 show in Yokohama (April 22-24th) was successfully done.

Seikoh Giken exhibited at OPIE'15 show in Yokohama.

Our exhibiting items were;
  • Reflowable heat-resistant hybrid lens
  • Reflowable heat-resitant resin lens
  • High performance resin lens
  • X-Ray Non-destructive testing (Industrial X-Ray radioscopy and CT Scan)

We had many visitors in this show.
Thank you for visiting Seikoh Giken booth.


FOE show in Tokyo (April 8-10th) was successfully done.

Seikoh Giken sponsored at 2015FOE show in Tokyo.
In this year, our theme was products for MPO solution and exhibiting items were;

  • Polishing machine
  • MT Pressure Module & New MT Holders
  • Polishing film
  • Automatic Desktop Cleaner "Ferrule Pro"
  • Interferometer "DAISI-MT V2"
  • I/L R/L meter "new mORL Module for the MAP-200"
    Other areas of our emphasis are;
  • Endface cleaner
  • Splice-On-Connector
  • Shuttered SC connector
  • Shuttered LC Adaptor
  • Shuttered MPO Adaptor
  • Microscopes"Dscope"
  • Interferometer "DAISI V2" , "3DScope V2" and"3DScope-MT"
  • Eccentricity Measurement Instrument "KONCENTRIK V2"

We had many visitors as usual years.
Thank you for visiting Seikoh Giken booth.


OFC2015 (24-26 March 2015) was successfully done.

Seikoh Giken exhibited full line of our interconnect, cleaning and polishing products.

Main exhibiting items were;
  • Pigtail isolator
  • Loopback inline isolator
  • Shuttered and non-shuttered MPO adaptor
  • Shuttered LC Duplex Adaptor
  • Shuttered LC Duplex Adaptor
  • Touch Plus SOC (field assembly type fusion splices-based connectors)
  • FerruleMate 2.0 (2.50mm, 1.25mm and MPO)
  • Cloth type HandiMate cleaner
  • Ez-Maintenance & High duty cycle SFP-550 series polishers
  • Large diameter drop cable polishing solution for both single fiber and MT
Thank you for stopping by our booth and look forwartd to your further inquiries.

Inquiry by telephone:+81-47-311-5111(Main) Mon~Fri 8:30~17:30