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OPTICAL PROBE for malfunction noise


PTICAL PROBE for noise detection(V sensor) It is an “OPTICAL PROBE” that accurately measures the noise electric field and voltage which causes malfunction such as ESD by optical technology without using metal coaxial wire. Since “OPTICAL PROBE” is electrically isolated from the object to be measured, there is no fear that an expensive measuring instrument such as an oscilloscope will be destroyed and safe measurement is possible.

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Configuration and usage

3 types of measurement are possible by connecting E sensor or V sensor to the controller.
① E-field measurement causing malfunction(Frequency, Phase, Strength)         : E sensor
② Non-contact measurement of the noise voltage signal of cable/ circuit pattern      : E sensor
③ Contact measurement of the noise voltage signal of pin terminal of IC/LSI       : V sensor



Item Spec. Remarks
Model number C5-D1-A
Frequency range 100kHz - 10GHz Cut below 100kHz
Max output 10dBm
Guaranteed temp. 0  ~ 40 ℃
Storage temp. -10 ~ 50 ℃ No condensation
Output connector type N type RF output
Power supply AC 100 ~ 265 V Single-phase

2)E sensor

Model number frequency E-field strength
ES-100 100kHz~10GHz 0.5~25,000V/m Using spectrum analyzer
ES-130 100kHz~10GHz 0.01~500V/m Using spectrum analyzer

3)V sensor

Model number frequency Measurement voltage range
ES-2005 100kHz~2GHz <5Vpp @1MHz
ES-2015 100kHz~3GHz <15Vpp @1MHz
ES-2030 100kHz~3GHz <30Vpp @1MHz
ES-2100 100kHz~3GHz <100Vpp @1MHz

 E sensor Frequency characteristics

E sensor   Frequency characteristics

 E sensor Directivity

E sensor   Directivity

 V sensor Input / Output characteristics

V sensor   Input / Output characteristics

Measurement example

① Measure the E-field in the vicinity by performing ESD air discharge to the metal enclosure

② Indirect measurement of ESD voltage on stripline with E sensor.

③ 3) Measure the ESD noise voltage directly to the pin terminal of the control IC with V sensor.




E sensor 

E sensor

V sensor

V sensor

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