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Precision Molded Components

In pursuit of the limits of injection molding, we provide high-quality molded components for the medical and biotechnology fields.

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Using ultra-precision mold technology and thin-walled micro transfer technology, Seikoh Giken succeeded in producing thin-walled molded components with wall strengths of less than 0.3mm and mastered the accurate transfer of minute surface configurations at the nanometer-level. These technologies find application in the production of laboratory equipment, such as cell culture plate and micro flow channel chips, and in high-quality molded components used in medical care and biological sciences.

Stable supply of key components required by customer including complex shape components, and thin and flat molded components

Precision molded components

imageSeikoh Giken mass-produces complex shape components and thin and flat molded components using our in-house made ultra precise molds. Based on the expertise in intra-mold injection compression, we have developed technology that delivers highly precise transfers of minute surface configurations at the nanometer-level with normal mold clamping force and fill pressure. The use of low temperature molding allows for plastic injection moldings of ø120mm×0.3mm thickness. Thanks to its painstaking attention to mold structure to eliminate warping, Seikoh Giken has been successful in establishing manufacturing methods for shapes previously thought unattainable with injection molding.

Thin-walled micro-transfer molded components contributing to next-generation medical care and biological sciences

Injection molded components for medical care and bio-science applications

imageDevelopment at Seikoh Giken surrounding molded components for medical and bio-science applications, such as cell culture plate and micro flow channel chips. These high-quality products provided to markets contribute to advances in the fields of medical care and bio-science.


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