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Lensed Fiber Assembly

  • •Perfect for coupling fiber with LD's and PD's for various applications such as DFB lasers, pump lasers or receivers. Our high quality specialty pigtails will improve coupling efficiency, increase product performance and save your costs
  • •We offer total solution for photonic packaging with our completed fiber to chip assemblies

Key Feature:

  • •High precision fiber-end shaping
  • •Multiple lens shapes are available for any application
  • •High quality AR coating for various wavelengths
  • •Kovar ferrules for welding and hermetic sealing
  • •Low insertion loss terminations
  • •Ni/Au metalization for exceptional solderability


Fiber to the chip assemblies may include:

  • •Fiber end-shaping
  • •AR coating
  • •Bare fiber metalization
  • •Hermetic and welding ferrules
  • •Low loss connector
  • •Singlemode, Multimode, and PANDA fiber
9FC/APC wedged fiber assembly for 980nm LD coupling
9FC/APC wedged fiber assembly for
980nm LD coupling
Welding and hermetic ferrules
Welding and hermetic ferrules
Angled fiber-end
Angled fiber-end

Wedged lens
Wedged lens

Basic Configuration

♦AR Coating :
  • •Ion assisted deposition
  • •Low reflection
  • •Reflection ratio less then 0.3%, typically 0.1%
  • •High environmental stability
  • •Various wavelengths available 980nm 1310nm 1480nm 1550nm
  • •Single or broadband available
♦Metalization :
  • •Sputtering or plating process
  • •Ni based Au plating or sputtering
  • •High level of hermeticity and pull strength
Fiber Tip Shape Wedge Angle
Fiber Type SMF28, Hl1060, PANDA, MMF
Fiber Buffer O.D. 250μm, 900μm
Taper Angle 90 deg 0, 8, 45 deg
Lens Radius 3-10μm N/A
Metalization Ni / Au
Soldering & Hermeticity Au/Sn
≦1x10-10 Pa・m3/sec
≦1x10-9 atm・cc/sec
AR Coating 980, 1310, 1480, 1550± 20nm
Reflection Ratio ≦ 0.3%
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